VSI5X Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

VSI5X Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

Applications: Mechanism sand, bituminous concrete, metal mine, aggregates shaping



Input Size: 

Brief Introduction

VSI5X Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher is popular in the market. This machine can satisfy customers’ requirements about efficiency and capacity, because its service life is increased by 48%, the costs are reduced by 30%, and the throughput of materials is improved by 30%.


  • 1.Rotor with deep chamber increases 30% capacity after perfect design.
  • 2.Side plate direction can be changed to increase material utility ratio, operating ratio can be increased 48%.
  • 3.Worn hammer with combined type is only changed to reduce operating cost 30%. Another pair of vice hammer is added to prevent from damaging main hammer and side plate.
  • 4.The most key wear resistant material uses wear resistant and high temperature resistant material in American important area.
  • 5.Rhombus shape impact plate is used to prevent side plate from being damaged.
  • 6.Bearing is famous international brand imported from Japan, Sweden, America, etc.
  • 7.Perfect discharge and smooth curve reduce resisting force when material flows, so capacity is increased greatly.
  • 8.Spread dish with double purposes can make two feeding ways change easily.
  • 9.Special seal structure under main shaft guarantee no oil leak without seal.
  • 10.Japanese hydraulic opening cover device is originally imported. The cover is moved easily and inspection of inner part is easy.
  • 11.Motor with high grade of protection is selected. The motor has features of high efficiency, low noise, etc. The motor complies with IEC, insulation grade F, protection grade IP54/55.

Working Principle


Model VSI5X7615 VSI5X8522 VSI5X9532 VSI5X1145
Throughput capacity (t/h) Center and Ring feeding 150~280 240~380 350~540 500~640
Center feeding 70~140 120~190 180~280 250~360
Max. Feed Size (mm) Soft material <35 <40 <45 <50
Hard material <30 <35 <40 <45
Rotation speed (r/min) 1700~1900 1500~1700 1300~1510 1100~1310
Power of double motor (KW) 2×75 (100) 2×110 (150) 2×160 (220) 2×220 (300)
Overall dimension L×W×H (mm) 4100×2330×2300 4140×2500×2700 4560×2600×2900 5000×2790×3320
Weight (t) 8.6 11.8 17.5 27.5
Thin oil lubrication station Power for double oil pump 2×0.25(0.33)
Safety TO make sure the supply of the oil with double oil pump; stop working without oil or hydraulic pressure; temperature falls when the water cool;start the motor by heating it in winter
Power for oil box heater 2 KW
Overall dimension L×W×H (mm) 820×520×1270